We provide quality foods through a service of excellence

Luna Ibérica SL

Luna Ibérica is a Spanish food developer and seller. Our brands follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, granting health, well-being, and nutritional balance. We specialize in bringing to our customer’s shelves brands that guarantee high quality.

We represent a true ally in the search for solutions for our customers. We offer noble raw materials that are transformed into high quality products. We understand the different realities of our customers and work together with them, offering versatility in packing, flexibility, and adaptability to the local context with long-term vision.

Through our main band , we specialize in offering classic Mediterranean Diet foods of the highest quality. Table Olives, Olive Oil, Asparagus and Capers make up the list of our offer. But we also specialize in offering clients the possibility of setting up their own Private Label. We help them in the process of creation, processing, and management, guiding them according to their ideas. We follow a One Shop Stop model, offering all the necessary services from the formation of the idea to the arrival of the final product at destination.

Our Values

At Luna Ibérica we base our Value Proposition on a set of essential core values for current business in the modern markets. Our professionals have extensive market knowledge. We always maintain high quality in our products and services, while we effectively control costs and expenses. We work being adaptable in our pricing strategies, allowing us to reach a greater number of clients in different contexts. We are also proud of our customer service excellence.

Perla Verde

 is our flagship brand of food products characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet. We have relied on it when choosing our products because it is a healthy feeding pattern with many benefits for human well-being. Our products are of the best quality and contribute to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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