TAble olives

Table Olives are part of numerous recipes in the Mediterranean Diet. They are consumed alone, accompanying meat and fish, or in rice, salads and pizzas. They constitute a very balanced food of high nutritional value, being a great ally of our health.

Olives have all the essential amino acids in an ideal proportion, and stand out for their mineral content, mainly calcium and iron. They are foods with high fiber levels and, therefore, highly digestive. In addition, they present Provitamin A, Vitamin C and Thiamine.

– They help preventing heart and circulatory system diseases, because they are rich in unsaturated fats.

– They strengthen our defenses because they contain Vitamins A and C.

– They help the digestive system for being rich in fiber.

– They are good for people with anemia, due to their high iron content.

– They contain Vitamin E.


There are more than 15 varieties of olives that, in different preparations, are consumed as table olives. Gordal Sevillana, Manzanilla and Hojiblanca are the varieties we choose to take to your table. These are three of the most popular varieties at an international level, for its consumption in brine, pitted, unpitted or stuffed.

We offer three types of Green Olives: pitted, unpitted and stuffed.

The innovative line of Stuffed Olives takes advantage of the free space generated when removing the pit to harbor the filling. By using the Gordal Sevillana variety, caliber 80/90, we ensure an adequate size cavity of stuffing.

We use the pitted Manzanilla variety for a product aimed at a mass consumer.


100% Natural

Our foods are grown in Andalusia under strict controls that maintain the characteristics of the fruit from the farm to the shelves.



We combine flavors, textures and add ingredients in our recipes, which result in a balanced, novel, and unique products. In addition, we offer our distinguished and efficient packaging both for transportation and exhibition.



Our olives are processed with unique recipes of high nutritional value and optimal flavor. The selection of the raw material is based on its quality.



Packaging processes guarantee the preservation of our products. We make sure that the supply chain is efficient and encourages high rotation.

Our Olives

Unpitted Olives – Manzanilla

Manzanilla Green Olives with their pits. Due to their smaller size compared to Gordal Olives, they are a product aimed at mass markets.

Unpitted Olives – Gordal

Gordal Green Olives with their pits. They are larger in size than Manzanilla Olives..

Pitted Olives – Gordal

Green Gordal Olives with their pits removed.

Unpitted Spicy Olives – Piri Piri

Spicy Gordal Green Olives with their pits. They are stored in spicy Piri Piri sauce.

Stuffed Jalapeño Pepper Olives

Gordal Green Olives stuffed with jalapeño peppers. Spicy flavor.

Stuffed Red Bell Peppers Olives

Gordal Green Olives stuffed with red bell pepper.

Stuffed Blueberry Olives

Green Gordal Olives stuffed with blueberries. Bittersweet flavor.

Stuffed Fig Olives

Green Gordal Olives stuffed with figs. Bittersweet flavor.

Stuffed Almond Olives

Gordal Green Olives stuffed with almonds.

Stuffed Garlic & Fine Herbs Olives

Gordal Green Olives stuffed with garlic and fine herbs.

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