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Private Labels Development

At Luna Ibérica we understand the needs of our Customers. Therefore, we build and develop Private Labels along with retailers, wholesale distributors and gourmet shop stores. We provide a comprehensive service, with a One Stop Shop model.

We specialize in offering our clients a wide spectrum of possibilities for the construction of their own Private Label program. The first step of our service is research for the right product after an analysis of the category. Then we assist with the packaging design and labels, so we achieve a high impact at the shelves. We also assist with logistics, production planning and shipments. Lastly, we can assist with the product registration process and authorizations in the country of destination.

Why developing a Private Label?

The development of a Private Label carries some advantages for retailer networks and specialty shops. A Private Label provides the opportunity to enter several markets, being able to control the quality offered and the costs, harmonize the reference prices per category, and develop consumer loyalty.

There is a global opportunity to expand the sales ceiling for consumer products under Private Labels, according to published studies.

The global average of share over total revenue in consumer goods is 16.5%. Many regions of the world have figures below the global average, such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Oceania and Latin America.

Our Private Labels

At Luna Ibérica we create and manage Private Labels together with our customers, adapting to each context and need. To face that challenge, we feature a diversity of products, packaging, labels and designs to create your brand. We work alongside our customers to achieve the expected results following realistic, effective, and efficient business strategies.

Simulate your Private Label Program 


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