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About Us

We at Luna Ibérica SL develop and sell food products based on the Mediterranean Diet. Our focus is to offer healthy food with the highest Spanish quality.

An essential part of our offer relies on our brand , under which we feature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Table Olives and other rich and healthy products.

We also offer a full service to create and develop Private Label Brands, for those customers that pursue to maximize sales in this category and bring to life their own ideas.

Perla Verde





 takes the quality Spanish food products to our customer’s shelves. We are guided by the principle of the Mediterranean Diet, promoting the consumption of types of foods that provide many benefits for the well-being of people.

Our proposal focuses on offering healthy, nutritious and balanced ingredients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Commitment

High quality product selection

Maximize cost efficiency

Exceed our customer’s expectations, always

At Luna Ibérica we help our customers to develop their Private Labels. Small ideas and initiatives always may turn into important projects, let us handle the intermediate process.

We search for all customers types and adapt to each one of their needs. Product, packaging and designs flexibility makes us stand out of the crowd. We pursue serving customers of all sizes, contexts and geographies.

Private Label Brands







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